Jennifer is a biologist/animal behaviorist and botanical artist with a passion for the outdoors and its many wonders.

"I see the natural world as shapes, colors, lines, and patterns. Thinking about how animals and plants have adapted to their changing environments fascinates me. These individual (and shared) characteristics are depicted in their outward appearance, and are the precise details I try to capture with my art." 

Living in Central Oregon presents a never-ending array of opportunities to educate and create. "Through my work I intend to engage others to look at the world differently. Don't just visit a beautiful place, immerse yourself in it. Notice the big, the small, what's above and what's below." Having been an environmental educator for many years, Jennifer has a passion for building child-like curiosity in everyone. "The natural world has so much to teach us if we just pay attention."

Jennifer recently attended an Art and Science Residency position at Playa in Summer Lake, Oregon in July 2018. During her residency she continued work on a unique guidebook to Central Oregon, focusing on the biodiversity of specific sites of interest. The book includes information on biology, climate change, site maps, conservation and protection of these sites/flora and fauna as well as illustrated black and white drawings that depict plants and animals of each area. The book is intended to be interactive, useful for the outdoorsy type, and small enough to carry along on longer hikes. Release date TBD.

Other fun tidbits! Jennifer is a seasoned acro yogi, having practiced and instructed for over 6 years in both the US and South America. She has six published papers in scientific peer reviewed journals, and spent both her undergraduate and graduate years studying the behavior and hormonal response to stress and aggression in the Eastern collared lizard, Crotaphytus collaris collaris. Jennifer also worked as a licensed bird of prey rehabber for six years.